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Pandas in a Box Pop-Up Card

I saw this super cute short drawing tutorial video on Pinterest from trendyss.com and it's perfect for Panda Day!

It's really cute and it will make you smile & also anyone you give it to smile! :)

The fun part is that you fold the paper, so the box looks closed and then when you open it, you see pandas in a box!


What I used:

- Paper

- Pencil

- Markers

First you fold the paper. Then, I sketched it out in pencil first. You draw the box on the top part of your fold and the rest of the box below the fold.

RESULT: Success!

We are good at this! It was really fast & easy & fun! It made me and my baby nephew smile. Check out the quick video on YouTube to see it in action! :)


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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