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Owl Cupcakes for "Bird Day" (Jan. 5)?

I made these cute Owl cupcakes (w/ slight modification) from Zested's YouTube channel to celebrate Bird Day! They are cute & super easy.

What is Bird Day?

"The day, started by Born Free U.S.A. and the Avian Welfare Coalition, aims to focus public attention on the fact that almost 12 per cent of bird species around the world are under threat of extinction."



Owl Cupcakes

In the Zested video, she uses Oreos for the eyes. I didn't have any Oreos around, but I did have York peppermint patties around which like Oreos -- are dark on the outside and white, so I thought they would work. That's the slight modification.

Ingredients per Owl:

- Oreos (2 halves w/ white creme for eyes)

(or York peppermint patties :) )

- 2 brown M&Ms for pupils

- 1 orange or yellow M&M on its side for the beak

- Frosting (to put it together)

First, frost the whole cupcake with chocolate frosting.

Eyes: If you use Oreos, you just open 2 oreos and use 2 halves with white creme showing and then put 2 brown M&Ms on them for the pupils.

The York Peppermint patties I got were holiday edition, so they were shaped like the Star of David. I used a circle cookie cutter to make them into circles. They are typically circular in shape.

First, I tried it with just adding a little white frosting on top of the York Peppermint patty to make the conjunctiva and then added the M&Ms on top. Then, I took off the top layer off chocolate off of the York peppermint patty to reveal the white inside for the conjunctiva and then added the M&Ms. That looked much better. The first one looked like an older crotchety owl cupcake, haha!

Beak: Put an orange or yellow M&M on its side for the beak.

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

Oreos are probably easier, but York Peppermint patties work too! I like chocolate & mint more, so I'm more likely to have York Peppermint patties around. :) They would work for Bird Day :), Halloween or other avian-themed or nature-themed party. If you frost them white, they would look good for a Harry Potter themed party too.

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