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Overnight Bacon Egg & Cheese (Meal-Prep)

This is a bacon egg & cheese which I prepared mostly the night before and just microwaved it in the morning for a quick hearty breakfast. I wanted to see if it would taste as good in the morning prepared meal-prep way vs. fresh in the morning.

What I used:

- Kroger biscuits (already baked); you can use whatever bread you have

- Eggs

- Mozzarella (or your preferred cheese)

- Bacon (already cooked)

Tip: The key was I cooked the eggs the night before, but I slightly undercooked them (1 min. or 90 sec.); they were still a little wet -- because I knew I was going to microwave t in the morning to warm it up which would further cook the eggs. If I cooked te eggs all the way, then in the morning with re-heating, they would be dried out.

I assembled the sandwich with the under cooked eggs, cooked bacon, and unmelted cheese on the biscuit.

Then I put it in the ridge. In the morning I microwaved the sandwiches for 1 min. 15 sec. Tip: When you have cheese you are melting in the microwave, you don't want to microwave much longer than 1 min. or the cheese will get burnt.

The sandwich was warm and delicious -- eggs perfect; cheese melted.

It saved a lot of time in the morning.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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