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Ornament Wreath

This was inspired by a super cute wreath I saw on Pinterest from semiglossdesign.com !



What I used:

- Cardboard box

- Ornaments

- Maribou craft feather (total: 3) or tinsel

- Metal ornaments

- Scissos

- Tape

- Hot glue gun

I got a metal wreath ring (I bought it with the idea that I would attach the cardboard ring to the metal wreath ring, but I didn't end up needing it.)

First, I did use the metal wreath ring to trace out a cardboard ring. You could also use a plate or a tray.

I planned to glue the ornaments and then fill in with feathers.

Before gluing any ornaments down, I planned which ones would go where -- with different colors and different sizes. I used some pieces of tape to help keep them from rolling around while I was planning the design. Then I took a photo of the colors and design I wanted in case they rolled around.

Then I added on feathers. The feathers came in a 3-foot strip. I cut little pieces and glued them in.

Then i thought it looked a little plain. So I got 2 more feathers and added them on. I had to take little pieces of cardboard and glue them to the back, so that I would have something to glue the feathers onto and make the wreath bigger.

Ta da! Here is the finished product!

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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