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Ornament Cake Balls

Are they ornaments or cake balls? Both! Haha! This is a super fun dessert and a fun variation on cake pops -- making them into ornaments! They can hang from a tree!

They are also easier to make than cake pops.

What I used:

- Cake Pop mixture (cake + frosting; see link)

- White chocolate, red and green candy melts (any color you want)

- Sprinkles

- Ornament tops (you can pull them off ornament easily!)


I had some silver sparkles, so I wanted to make an ornament that looked like this one.

You can easily pull off the ornament top from an ornament!

Basically I just made cake pops, but instead of sticking in a lollipop stick, I stuck in the ornament top.

I made cake pops and let them chill.

I dipped them in melted chocolate / candy melts and then I stuck in the ornament top and added sprinkles before the chocolate hardened. I put them in the fridge to chill and set up.

Then i tested it and I was able to hang them on a Christmas tree too! So cute!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

On the tree!

The silver sparkle one! :)

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