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Optical Illusion Cheesy Potatoes

This was inspired by the "Magical Cottage Pie" in this ChefClub YouTube video. It looked so cool! I loved the optical illusion with the parallelograms (as my nephew would say) and how they formed cubes and different shapes!

They made a cottage pie, which is like a Shepherd's pie with meat, potatoes and then this one has cheese on top! I was most interested in doing the optical illusion topping, so I just decided to do it with cheese and potatoes. You could do it either way!

What I used:

- Idahoan instant potatoes

(plus butter+ milk)

- Finlandia 4-pack cheese (You need 3 different patterns or colors of cheese to form the optical illusion).

I was so happy to find this Finlandia 4-pack of cheese (I used Cheddar, Colby Jack, and Monterey Jack from the pack; sorry Swiss -- the holes would have looked weird & not have worked. Haha! :) )

I made the instant potatoes (not shown). The amount in this 9" inch pie pan is about 3 servings (not the whole 4 servings I made) according to the package.

Then making the shapes! You do this for all 3 different patterns/colors of cheese!

Slice a cheese square slice in half. Then slice off 2 right triangles from each half as shown.

Then cut the parallelogram in half one way and then the other and you have 4 other tiny parallelograms.

Place on the potatoes in an alternating pattern to form the illusion!

Another bigger view of the potatoes before melting. You can really see the optical illusion!

It's still there after it melts! It's tasty -- just cheese and potatoes, but super fun to make and eat!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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