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Onion Cheese Hot Dog Bites

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Here's a fun easy way to elevate hot dogs into a cute bite-sized appetizer! You can have this summer classic in a bite-sized form, but it's fun any time of the year!

I used pie crust, which makes them into tiny tarts. You could use a cracker if you prefer. I also used small mini-hot dogs or cocktail weenies -- you could use regular sized hot dogs and just cut thin slices.

What I used:

- Pie crust (~1" squares)

- Mini hot-dogs

- Queso (could use Cheddar Sauce)

- Sauteed onions (I had them already)

If you are using pie crust, cut the pieces into about 1 inch square size. It only takes 5-7 min. at 400 degrees because they are tiny pieces of dough.

If queso and hot dogs are cold warm them up or cook them in microwave or on stove. I wouldn't put the cold hot dog and cold queso on the small pieces of raw pie dough because it will take too long for them to heat up & the pie crust will burn. 

To assemble them, take your cooked pie crust pieces, put a little queso / cheddar sauce down, then put a little slice of hot dog down and some cooked onions on top.

A cute onion cheese hot dog appetizer in a bite-size form!

Give it a try! We are good at this!


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