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One-Pan 10-min. Shrimp & Fonio [Grits]

As I mentioned in a different post, I thought Fonio tastes like grits, so i decided to substitute them for grits in this Shrimp & Grits recipe I found on the Food Network app.


What I used:

- Frozen shrimp (thawed)

- Butter

- Parmesan cheese

- True Lemon powder packet

- Garlic powder (didn't feel like chopping, haha!)

- ~2 tablespoons of water

- Fonio

I purposely cooked the shrimp first and then the fonio. This way the fonio would have the shrimp flavoring. As I mentioned in my other post, fonio is like cous cous or any grain / rice, you have to add flavor to it.

Tip: Once I thawed the frozen shrimp in water, I made sure to dry them with paper towels. This way they could get a good sear on them.

I added some butter. I thought my pan was on medium, maybe a little too high, the butter became brown butter. I guess this is New Orleans-style shrimp and grits, which has a dark roux. Haha! :)

Then I cooked the shrimp and let them sit there for 2-3 min., then I flipped them and cooked them for another 1-2 min. Shrimp cook fast!

I didn't have any lemons, so I added the lemon powder in, garlic powder and parmesan cheese in. Then I added a tiny bit of water, which helped to deglaze the pan.

I put them aside and then I cooked the fonio.

I just boiled water and added a little salt. Then, added the fonio in and cooked it in ~5 min. as last time.

Note: On the package it says to rinse them before you cook it, but I didn't rinse them this time. I forgot. I think it's only to get little tiny grainy pieces out to ensure a smooth texture to the fonio. It's not dangerous or anything. I never noticed any grainy pieces anyways.

Then I just put them together. Shrimp & Fonio [Grits] with no cream or butter in ~10 min! I guess just a tiny bit of butter. Yum! I'm going to try fonio in other ways too. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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