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Oddly Satisfying Caramel [& Chocolate] Candy Arrangement for Caramel Day

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I was thinking of something to do for Caramel Day with things in my apartment since #stayhome and #quarantinelife. I was inspired by these oddly satisfying arrangements of everyday objects I've seen on Pinterest and IG. :)

Some examples are at the bottom of the post.

Caramel Day

"Caramel lovers celebrate their favorite treat on National Caramel Day each year. Observed on April 5th, this versatile confection adds delicious, creamy flavor to desserts, pastries, and candies. 

Caramels are made by adding milk and fat to a sugary syrup that has been heated and continuously stirred until it reaches a light brown color.  As early as the seventeenth century, American women were using caramelized sugar and water to make candies. Since it was an economical candy to produce, it found its way into many recipes.  Around the year 1850, someone discovered that by adding milk and a fat product to the cooked sugar mixture that a soft, chewy candy would be produced. It should be no surprise how quickly soft caramel became popular. 

Bakers and pastry chefs use caramel to make a variety of desserts either as a featured ingredient, flavoring or topping.  Depending on the consistency it can be used as a syrup or as the glue holding together nuts and popcorn. In a more pliant form, it makes great caramel apples. Cooked to a higher temperature the caramel can become brittle and is perfect for just that kind of candy making.

The longer caramel cooks, it takes on a deeper color and a darker flavor until the sugar becomes bitter and is no longer palatable."


This would also fit for Chocolate and Caramel Day! I came up with Rolo Thumbprint cookies for Chocolate & Caramel Day. Check it out.



All I did was take some Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel, mini-Milky Ways, mini-Snickers, and mini-Twix in a fun way.

Fun fact (maybe you already knew this): Milky Ways have 1 line of chocolate on them and Snickers have 2 lines of chocolate on them -- maybe I got them backwards.




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