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Octopus mini- Hot Dogs!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

This is something I saw on IG (I forgot whose account, oops! :) ) I decided to do a twist on it with these cute eyes I got after seeing them on @_ghoul_mom_ (a food artist)'s IG post.

Actually the ones I saw on IG had several more delicate legs -- awesome food artist.

What I used:

- Mini hot dogs

- You could also use regular-sized hot dogs and cut them into shorter pieces.

** I am not sure if you could use Lit'l Smokies or cocktail weenies here -- because those are more firm.

- Oil for frying


1.) Put some oil in a pot and turn it on to medium-high.

2.) Shaping the legs

About half-way down you can start cutting -- to make the legs. You leave the top half intact for the octopus head.

- Cut it in half -- all the way through

- Then turn the mini hot dog 90 degrees and cut through again

- Turn the mini hot dog 90 degrees and cut through again, etc.

- You make 4 slices -- for 8 legs!

3.) Put the mini hot dog in oil to cook them.

-- As they cook, the legs curl out! So cute! :)

That's it! It takes 2 min. to cut them all and a few minutes to cook them. So cute! It made me smile.

Give it a try! We are good at this!


Here are they are:

First, no eyes --

With eyes!

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