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No-Bake Cheesecake Truffles (Chocolate-Covered or Freeze-Dried Strawberries)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I came up with these No-Bake Cheesecake Truffles after making Shamrock No-Bake Cake Batter Truffles from Who Needs a Cape? and coming up with my own Unicorn No-Bake Cake Batter Truffles (see pics and posts below).

It's super easy to make! Only 3 ingredients plus optional toppings / mix-ins. You just need to add some flour to the no-bake cheesecake mix and add a little less milk.

You can add whatever toppings or mix-ins you want. Here they are chocolate covered or covered with freeze-dried strawberries. Yum! :)




- 1/2 of the no bake cheesecake package (which is 1/2 cup)

- 1/3 cup of milk (not 3/4 cup of milk that is on the box to make cheesecake)

- 1/2 cup of flour

Optional toppings used:

- Natierra freeze dried strawberries

I used freeze dried strawberries instead of fresh strawberries because they provide a nice texture and are easier to use

- Dark chocolate melting wafers

Other idea for mix-ins are: mini chocolate chips or sprinkles etc. etc.


1.) Mix on low for 2 min. You want it to be thick almost like a dough.

2.) Form small balls. It is kind of sticky; you can use gloves if you want.

It makes about 9 truffles, but I ate some while I was making it, so there was only 8 in the photo. Haha! :)

3.) Put in the fridge to set for at least ~30 min.; you can leave them in the fridge as long as you want.

-- If you are adding strawberries, you can add them on top now. I waited to dip them in chocolate until after they set a little bit in the fridge.

4.) If desired, melt some dark chocolate on defrost / 50% power microwave power setting oat 30-second / 15-second intervals or on a double boiler.

5.) Then roll around the cheesecake balls in the chocolate to cover them.

6.) Put back in the fridge so the chocolate can harden at least for ~15 min., but you can leave them as long as you want.

That's it! Yum! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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