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New Book! Pandemic Art Vol. 1, 1-100

This is a quick post about a new book I am working on publishing: Pandemic Art, Vol. 1, 1-100. It's possible I may change the title. Almost everyday since the pandemic began, I have been doing 1 piece of art. I started in early April 2020.

Now I have around 500 pieces!

This started as a collaborative art project on IG with @stylefarmer (David Hamlow), but I kept going!

In the beginning, there will be different arrangements of the first 100 pieces. Then each piece has a page or 2 with more information.

I am also working on making T-shirts, tote bags, etc. for some of the pieces!

Below is an example of the first 25 arranged.

If you like, you can start doing some Pandemic Art too, it's a great stress reliever and a way to stretch creative muscles.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Here are some links on the website of some of the pieces.

Coronatessellations Gallery (wearegoodatthis.com)

Coronatessellations: Chronological Order (Oldest to Newest) (wearegoodatthis.com)

Coronatessellations #99 & Above (Newest First: Reverse Chronological Order) (wearegoodatthis.com)

Coronatessellations: Chronological Order (Oldest to Newest) (wearegoodatthis.com)

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