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New Artistic Medium: Eggshells (& How to Poke Holes to Make them)

Easter is around the corner and I was inspired by a lot of these modern artistic decorated eggs that I've been seeing on Pinterest. Some examples are at the bottom of the post. Some look really cool and you can just use a Sharpie marker. I'm also going to experiment with gold leaf and color blocking. There are also emoji eggs. :)

I decided to decorate them and not only do them for Easter or springtime, but all year round!

I'm going to save all my eggshells and use them as little canvases! It's a form of recycling and art too.

I think eggshells are fun because they are a somewhat spherical canvas, so that is a challenge. Also, you can make them into little creatures too. :)

First, I had to learn how to save the eggshells. It's been awhile since I decorated eggs.

Here's how to do it. I looked up this video. They were making a softboiled/hardboiled egg, but the principle of using a pushpin is what I needed to remember.



I have pushpins from my sewing adventures -- still learning how to do that; really bad at it right now. Haha! :) ). You can also use pushpins for a corkboard or whatever.

To make eggshells for decorating, you poke a lot of little holes in the top and also in the bottom.

You are going to blow the egg out of the eggshell into a bowl. Making 1 tiny hole isn't enough; poke a bunch next to each other to make bigger holes.

Make the hole on the bottom of the egg bigger. It makes it easier to blow the egg out.

This photo shows the bowl/ramekin I used and the hole on the top of the egg before I blew the egg out of the eggshell.

These photos show the top of the egg and the bottom of the egg. You can see the whole on the bottom is bigger -- kind of bigger than I wanted, haha! But most of the egg is ready for my artistic ideas.

Here is my new canvas! Stay tuned for my upcoming artistic creations!

Give it a try! We are good at this!










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