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Mushroom & Pesto Pasta w/ Rotisserie Chicken

I like to re-create the fun wacky YouTube cooking videos (especially going Super Meta-), but a lot of times when I watch, I just use it as inspiration for what to eat or for different meals or different flavor combinations I wouldn't have thought of myself. I also look up different recipes and use it as inspiration and make my own (usually simplified and easier) version.

This is an example of just being inspired by a Tastemade YouTube video and getting an idea of a different flavor combination (mushrooms and pesto) I wouldn't have thought of myself.

It was quick & easy. It all took me ~10 min.

In the Tastemade YouTube video (below) for the mushroom pesto pasta, they make their own pesto from scratch. I just used some pre-made pesto I bought.

While you are boiling the pasta, you can saute mushrooms which take ~5-8 min. When I buy mushrooms for a recipe, I usually just cook the whole box and then use it for other recipes later in the week. This was the case here; I already had some mushrooms ready, so it was fast.

I just added some rotisserie chicken and had a quick complete lunch.

I also tried the mug pasta with mozzarella waterfall in this Tastemade YouTube video. Stay tuned!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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