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Multimedia Coronatessellation & Recycling Other Recycled Art Pieces

This is Coronatessellation #5. I decided to reuse and recycle some components from other art pieces I had made. In particular, I wanted to reuse these LED lights & cake board I had used for the dinosaur abduction cake.

I reused the cardboard and lights from this cake. :)




The base of the collage was this piece of mail that has a QR code on it. I thought that was interesting. I also cut out part of the cakeboard, so you can still see this QR code on the base piece of paper. It would probably work if you scan it with your phone. I think I saw that somewhere.

I also recycled some pieces of soda cartons that I had made into a different recycled art piece. I took that one down to make room for all my coronatessellations. 😀♻️🎨 That piece was made out of cardboard soda cartons. Initially, I made them shaped into a Christmas tree, but then I turned it into an arrow. This is the wall before Coronatessellation #5.

Other pieces are from a gum container and different pieces of mail I found.

Here is a video of the coronatessellation on. I turned off the lights after a few seconds. Haha! :)

Here are some digital photos with backgrounds I made with gogobox app of the collage.

This was a fun one because I incorporated lights. :) More to come!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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