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Mother's Day Shout Out!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Here is something I made in honor of my Mom and a few of her favorite things that I have made. :) One of them is from my new cookbook, "27 from 27, Vol. A1: 27 Easy Fun Recipes from 27 Common Cheap Ingredients" (on Amazon. $2.99 e-book & paperback).

Brain Cake

I made this brain cake in honor of my Mom, who is a retired neurologist. It is pretty cool and creepy looking -- I accidentally made it about the exact size of a real human brain and it being in this tray like this is what it looks like when you're in anatomy class.


Pressed Flower Potato Chips (Oven-Baked!)

This is a beautiful and easy recipe from Tastemade. Oven-baked too! Check it out! I made them for my Mom when she came to visit and she really liked them. :)


Parmesan Chips

I made these for my Mom and they are one of her favorite things in my new cookbook! She makes them all the time now. The photo also has spinach dip, which is one of the recipes in the cookbook. :)


-- There are a lot of things you can do with parmesan crisps that you wouldn't expect.

-- It's fun, tasty, low-carb and has protein.

-- Also, it's a good way to use cheese that you think might be going bad. Check it out!

** Search "27 from 27 cookbook" on Amazon or links below.

27 from 27, Vol. A1: 27 Easy Fun Recipes from 27 Common Cheap Ingredients



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