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Mondrian Puzzle Cookie -- Easy Stencils for Unique Cookies

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

For Puzzle Day, I knew I wanted to make a puzzle cookie of a famous painting. When they were pieces you wouldn't be able to tell what it was, but then when you saw the pieces together, you could recognize which painting it was. :)

The limitations are what I would be able to draw or paint on a cookie. :)

Piet Mondrian & “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow”

I decided to do Piet Mondrian's “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow”. The seemingly simple arrangement of lines and shapes in primary colors and black & white are more than meets the eye and have had a lasting impact on modern art and architecture. You gotta read between the lines or as they write on Ideelart, you gotta "read the lines". :)

"Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter and theoretician as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.[5][6] He is known for being one of the pioneers of 20th century abstract art, as he changed his artistic direction from figurative painting to an increasingly abstract style, until he reached a point where his artistic vocabulary was reduced to simple geometric elements." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piet_Mondrian

The websites "Smart History" and "IDEELART" have good articles about this painting and other works art, check them out.

From Smart History: "One would hardly suspect that we are seeing the artist’s determination to depict the underlying structure of reality."


"In the case of “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow” it is the lines themselves that carry a hidden message. It is well known that Mondrian sought balance in his work. He wrote extensively about compositional harmony as a reaction against chaos. He achieved that sense of harmony by relentlessly seeking balance between the plastic elements of his pictures. The placement of colors, the size of the shapes, and the qualities of the surfaces played off of each other in ways that either left him feeling off-balance or in balance. The quest was always to discover the perfect point at which a composition achieved a sort of stillness."




Making the cookie / puzzle / painting

This was my first time trying out Sugar Spun Run's cookie and icing recipe. As I mentioned in a different post, I was looking for a cookie that was good for decorating -- didn't change size or shape that much in the oven. There was an icing recipe with the cookie recipe, which appealed to me because it looked like royal icing, but it wasn't. Her recipe seemed easier than royal icing and it only uses 3 ingredients which I had: powdered sugar, corn syrup and milk.

Check out that post: "Trying out Cookies & Icing for Decorating: "Easy Sugar Cookies & (Non-Royal Icing) Icing" :)


I used a similar technique as in making the Benjamin Franklin pie in that I used photos from the internet to create a parchment paper "stencil".

However, here I used 2 different photos here; one of the painting and one of a puzzle. On my iPad screen, I resized the photos so they were the same size and then traced them with a pencil. First, I found the Piet Mondrian painting -- resized the iPad screen (using my index finger & thumb to make it bigger & smaller) to the size of cookie I wanted to make and traced it with pencil. Then, I Googled and found a square puzzle and resized it on my iPad to make it the same size of the tracing of the painting I had made. I traced the puzzle pieces here too. This gave me a stencil for how to carve out the puzzle piece cookies and also of how it the puzzle pieces would match up to the painting.

Then I traced around my puzzle pieces on top of the parchment paper on the cookie dough. This left an indentation on the cookie dough. Then, I took off the parchment paper and actually carved out the puzzle pieces.

I baked them at 350 degrees for 9-10 min. Then I got a puzzle!

To make the painting, I made some of the icing from Sugar Spun Run and colored it different colors. Actually, I colored it different colors on parchment paper (instead of bowls). This was much less messy and less things for the dishwasher -- and it looks like a painter's palette! :)

Oops, I accidentally made the upper left hand corner piece red. No problem -- I covered it with white icing. Haha. :)

Mondrian Puzzle Cookie! It was super fun.

You can apply the tracing technique with parchment paper for cookies to different photos you find on the internet -- not just paintings or puzzles.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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