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Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Mini Pumpkin Cakes in the shape of Pumpkins! How cute is that? This was from a Preppy Kitchen YouTube video and his REALLY Look like real pumpkins! So Cute!

This is another dessert that is good for #quarantinelife because everyone can get their own individual dessert, instead of communal dishes.


I made 2/3 of the recipe. I didn't do half because the original recipe uses 3 eggs. I did 2/3, so I wouldn't have half egg left over. :) (Which when it happens; I just use it in something else OR make a quick scrambled egg and eat it. Haha! :) )

What I used:

- flour

- pumpkin puree

- sugar

- brown sugar

- Sour cream (He used yogurt in the original recipe, but I didn't have any and thought sour cream was similar. There are sour cream cakes anyways. :) )

- baking soda

- baking powder

- vegetable oil (His recipe uses coconut oil and vegetable oil, but didn't have coconut oil, so I just subbed in vegetable oil for the coconut oil)

- 2 eggs


- Mini Bundt Cake silicone mold

(There are 3 shapes in the mold; 1 of them looks like half of a pumpkin. However depending on how much buttercream you use; it doesn't matter since your sculpting the buttercream. You probably could use a muffin pan. :) )

- Cooking spray

- Baking sheet (just to put the molds on for baking)

- Orange food coloring

- Red food coloring (I needed some red to get the color orange I wanted)

- Tiny piece of pie crust for the stem (I accidentally burned it, but I was going to use brown food coloring. He used a stem from a real pumpkin. In the comments, someone used a mini churro.)

- cinnamon

I sprayed the silicone mold generously with cooking spray.

Here they are after baking! They just popped out! I was so happy! This would be a cute individual dessert or individual brunch side on it's own -- without any frosting or glaze. :)

Then I just made American buttercream -- that's the only one I know how to make. Haha! :)


For 1 pound of butter, I had to add almost a whole little container of orange food coloring plus some red food coloring to get this orange color.

I let the Bundt cakes cool.

He sandwiched 2 Bundt cakes together to make a pumpkin. My Bundt cake on its own looked like a pumpkin, so I didn't stack 2 cakes together.

Then I covered them in buttercream and put them in the fridge to chill overnight. He said it was easier to sculpt with chilled buttercream.

When I sculpted I tried using a bench scraper which is similar to what he used, but then I just used my hands (with gloves).

I baked a tiny piece of pie crust to be a stem, but then I forgot about it and it burnt, but then it looked more like a stem.

The cake was delicious. My sculpting left a little to be desired, but I was pretty happy with it. My other one looked more like an orange apple than this one, haha! But it was super fun to do! It reminded me of making the Orange of Meat!



This was a meatball encased with queso gelatin, haha! Looks like a clementine orange.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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