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Mini Golf Cookie or Cake!

I came up with this cookie for Mini Golf Day, but you could make it any day -- for your favorite golfer / mini golfer or anyone! Haha! :)

Sept. 21 is National Miniature Golf Day! I haven't gone mini golfing in awhile, but I love everything about it -- especially the kitschy over-the-top mini golf holes! I really want to go again soon!


What I used:

- Large decorating sugar cookie I made

(You could use a cookie cake or cake.)

- Pretzel rods

- Vanilla frosting

- Mini golf hole path (green food coloring)

- Surrounding areas (green + a little copper food coloring; not shown)

- Fork - to add some texture darker green surrounding areas

- white M&M (golf ball)

- Black gel food coloring to make hole next to flag


- Toothpick / Bamboo Skewer

- Red paper

- gluestick

First, I laid out the path of the golf hole in pretzels with little bumper areas :) before putting frosting down. I especially like the little bumpers. Depending on how big your cookie or cake is, then you can make the hole more complicated.

Flag: I made the flag by cutting a little triangle and gluing it to the tooth toothpick / bamboo skewer (not shown). I was fortunate the bamboo skewer was pointy on one end, so it stuck in the cookie well even though it had cooled down and had hardened. Depending on the cookie you use, you may want to stick in your flag before it cools down, so it doesn't crack.

I distinguished the mini golf hole path from the surrounding areas by having 2 different color greens (green and dark green, which is green + copper food coloring).

I purposely did bright green for the path because it looked like astroturf color. You could make the surrounding areas any color. I used a fork to add texture to the darker green surrounding areas.

I squeezed a little bit of black food coloring next to the flag for the hole. I put a white M&M next to the hole for the golf ball. It's not round like a ball, but close enough and it definitely looks good from far away. :)

Here are some finished pictures. It was fun to come up with the design and make it! I look forward to doing mini golf soon!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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