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Mini-Geode cake from premade mini-cupcakes

I always loved the Geode cakes I saw on the Food Network or on YouTube. But I don't want to make that many cakes and it seems kind of hard.

I decided to try to make a mini-geode cake.

Friday, October 12, 2019: Attempt #1

Instead of making my own cakes, I bought some mini-cupcakes from the grocery store. For normal-sized geode cakes, they use rock candy. Since mine was mini, I decided to use Nerds. Nerds look like mini-rocks. I also didn't feel like making my own icing, so I bought these Better Crocker gel and Icing.

Here are my supplies:

I scraped off the icing from the mini-cupcakes and placed it upside with the smaller side up.

To make a crater, I carved a little wedge into the cupcake similar to how they do on the normal-sized geode cakes.

I spread white gel around the mini-cupcake except for the crater.

In the crater, I put the blue icing and black gel.

Using eyebrow tweezers :), I placed the Nerds into the crater with lighter ones (pink) in the center and purple along the outside.

RESULT: Pretty much a success! :)

We are good at this! It does look like a mini-geode cake. It probably would have looked better if I spent a little more time spreading out the gel evenly. Also, icing may spread more evenly than gel.

It was delicious and it only took 2-5 minutes to make!

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