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Mini Donut Playing Card Dessert / Mad Hatter Day

This is a version of a photo I saw on Pinterest I came up with for Mad Hatter Day! Alice in Wonderland is a really fun movie and book and I especially love hats! Haha! :) It would also be fun for a casino or Las Vegas or Monaco themed party or even a themed brunch -- or you could make it any day!

The Pin was for an Alice In Wonderland and also there were other Disney Wedding ideas from HalloweenCostumes.com



Mad Hatter Day

"The unofficial holiday was created in 1986 in Boulder Colorado by a group of computer technicians who were inspired by the Hatter and his antics in the epic fantasy novel.

In the book, the Hatter is an eccentric milliner for whom time is forever stuck at a tea party with his friend the March Hare.


The date for the holiday was chosen because of how John Tenniel illustrated the Hatter in Alice in Wonderland." Pretty funny! Check out the link to see the photo of the Mad Hatter! :)


What I used:

- Mini Playing Cards

- Kebab Skewers

- Mini Donuts

- Thick Non-Royal Icing Icing as a glaze (more powdered sugar in the ratio than normal)

(You could also try white chocolate.)


- Red Jolly ranchers (crushed with a hammer, haha! :) ; Can also try different red and black sprinkles)

- Hammer

- Scissors

Note: I also tried this as cake pops, but I think the size of the pointed end of the skewer and the thickness of the skewer makes the cake pop (cake + frosting mixture) fall apart. The donut worked well! You could maybe try a denser cake like pound cake if you want to try cake instead of donuts.

I crushed the jolly ranchers with a hammer until they were small pieces. Haha! :) It's fun!

Tip: For the suits that are black (spades & clubs), use red candy or sprinkles. For the suits that are red (hearts or diamones), use black sprinkles. The contrast between red and black looks nice! :)

First I bent the card lengthwise a little and snipped a small hole in 2 places, so I could thread the skewer through as shown. I put the card on first and then the mini donut.

Then I added some glaze to the mini donut and covered it with the crushed red Jolly Ranchers.

I put the donut on with the pointed end.

Doesn't it look fun? I let it dry and set laying down.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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