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Mini Chocolate Mummies

This is a fun & easy Halloween treat you can make using a small fun-size chocolate bar! I used Milky Ways; you can use whatever your favorite ones are!

What I used:

- Fun-size chocolate bar

- Marshmallow fondant (I made in 30 sec.; link)

- Candy eyes


As I mentioned before, I find Marshmallow fondant to be more pliable and easier to shape. I also think that it tastes slightly better than pre-made fondant. :)

To make the mummy, I used a little bit of fondant to paste the eyes on.

Then, I took a small piece of fondant as a cap on the head.

I took another piece of fondant and rolled it into a thin rope, which I wrapped around to completely make the mummy.

That's it! Spooky cute mummies! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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