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Mini Chicken & Waffle Bites (5 ingredients)

This is quick 5-7 minute appetizer or snack I came up with that takes a famous combo and shrinks it! Haha! :)

I'm featuring them for Tailgating Day! Could you make these outside of a stadium on a grill? Possibly? Haha! :) It's easier in a kitchen. :)

So it would be good for a Tailgating party or really any day. :)

Sept. 5 is also Cheese Pizza Day & Samosa Day! Check out those posts!

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And here are some Ballin' Chicken & Waffles I made before! :)


What I used:

- Eggo Waffle

- Tyson Chicken Nuggets

- Smucker's Syrup

- Butter

- Cayenne Pepper

I got the waffles toasting in the toaster oven and I microwaved the nuggets.

Then a tip I wrote about before -- I like to "toast" the nuggets in a non-stick pan (with no oil) for ~60 seconds to crisp up the nuggets after the microwave. Check out the post. :)


For the sauce, I microwaved butter for ~45 seconds to melt it. Then I mixed in a little syrup and cayenne pepper. Yum!

I cut each waffle into 6 pieces and then I made a sandwich -- put 1 nugget in between 2 pieces of waffle! If you cut a waffle into 4 or 6 pieces, it will be the perfect size for a nugget. :)

Here they are put together! Cute appetizer or snack for just yourself or a party! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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