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Mini Chicken Fajitas (5-min.)

These Mini Chicken Fajitas are fast! They are good for a meal or for a snack!

It's National Fajitas Day, Aug. 18!


What I used:

- Kroger Chicken Fajita packet

- Sargento Mexican Cheese

- Mission Street Taco tortilla (mini-size)

- Daisy Sour cream

I was going to add some bell pepper and onions, but then Kroger Chicken Fajita packet already had some in it, so I didn't use the frozen bell pepper & onions.

I followed the directions and microwaved the chicken fajitas for a few minutes. Then I got the tortillas I wanted to use, sprinkle a little water on top and microwaved them for 35 seconds to warm them up.

Then I just assembled everything. I added the chicken fajita mix to the tortillas, then cheese & sour cream.

That's it! The chicken fajita packet is flavorful! And it was done in only 5 minutes.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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