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Mini- Cactus Cakes (Tips: on working with melted chocolate - food coloring and work fast)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I saw some stuffed animals in the shape of cacti on IG @kami.goertz & they were so cute! It inspired me to come up with some cacti-shaped cakes.

It is completely edible, except for the mini terra cotta pots. :)

What I used:

- Cake pop mixture (cake + frosting)

- For more information, check out the post below

- Mini terra-cotta pots

- Chocolate rocks / pebbles

- White chocolate wafers

- Gel food coloring (green, a little brown and yellow)

- M&Ms and chocolate chips as dirt to fill the pot (they happened to be white M&Ms). You could put another candy or even more cake in there

- White sprinkles (thorns)


I put some dirt in the pots. Then I melted the white

Tip: If you are using a plastic bag to melt chocolate and pipe melted white chocolate on to things, then do NOT put food coloring before you melt the chocolate in the microwave. It will change the chemical makeup of the chocolate just enough to melt the plastic bag too. ** Add the food coloring to the melted chocolate / plastic bag after it comes out of the microwave.

I sculpted some cake into mini cacti shapes and put them in the pot.

Tip: Work with melted chocolate in small batches

Then I added the melted chocolate to the cake to make it look like a cactus. When working with melted chocolate, I like to work with small batches because the chocolate cools and hardens pretty quickly.

I added thorns (white sprinkles). I had to use tweezers. You have to work fast here and do it while the chocolate is still soft and not hardened.

I put them in the pot and added some chocolate rocks around them. That's it!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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