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Meringue Holiday Wreath / Ring

I've been really into Meringues -- which are light and airy desserts, which are pretty low cal and made of egg whites and sugar. They taste sort of like cotton candy with a crisp outer edge.

This one was inspired by one I saw in the shape of a wreath for the Holidays on the Food Network app. But meringues are very versatile! You can make them any size or shape or color for any season or any day. They are light enough that you can serve them in the heat of summer too!


Probably the most important thing I've found is that you don't need to get to stiff egg whites to get the desired effect after baking -- that is unless you are on a baking competition on TV. Haha! :) And if you get a tiny bit of yolk in it -- it will still bake too.

I guess I have been making meringues because pavlovas have vinegar in them too! Both are light desserts Here's a link and some more information between the difference between meringues and pavlovas.


"Meringue had been claimed to originate from a Swiss village known as Meringue and during the 18th century, Gasparini, an Italian chef perfected the recipe. However, this was disputed and contested, stating that the origin was unknown. According to some sources, Meringue first appeared in Francois Massalot’s cookbook in 1962 and was translated in English in 1706. Nonetheless, whenever or wherever this awesome confection originated, we have to be grateful that we get to enjoy it today.

Pavlova is a hugely popular dessert in the Australia and New Zealand regions. It is actually branded as their national dessert. It was created in honor of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova during her tour in both countries during the1920s. Pavlova has been a part of their national cuisine and often served celebrations and holidays.

The main difference between Meringue and Pavlova are the ingredients. While Pavlova is a Meringue based dessert, you have to add vinegar and cornflour to the basic ingredients of Meringue which are egg whites and sugar to achieve a marshmallow interior."

What I used:

- 4 egg whites (room temp)

- 1/4 tsp cream of tartar

- 1 cup of superfine sugar

** I got superfine sugar to try to make macarons Stay tuned!

- Cool Whip (instead of whipped cream)

- Wilkin & Sons Ltd. Raspberry Jam (I forgot to get fresh raspberries)

- Dried Cranberries

I actually used this recipe from womans day because I just made them the other day and it went well, so I wanted to stick with it. Haha! :)


I removed the egg whites -- by cracking the egg and then moving the egg yolk/white back and forth between the 2 half shells over a small bowl -- separate from the big mixing bowl. That's tip I learned from the Food Network -- to separate them over a separate bowl from your mixing bowl

I did the best I could, but one egg there was a tiny bit of yolk that fell in. It probably kept it from becoming a stiff peak when I mixed them.

Then I mixed them with an electric mixer until frothy, added in the cream of tartar and then I added in the superfirne sugar.

When I was mixing, it wouldn't get to stiff peaks. Maybe the tiny bit of yolk prevented it. But as I learned before, it would bake, so I just went with it!

I spooned it onto a piece of parchment paper sprayed with cooking spray -- in a ring shape. Then I baked it for about 75 min. (right photo: after oven)

Then I used Cool Whip instead of whipped cream. I actually just cut out the extra parchment paper around it rather than removed it for 2 reasons:

  1. It's easier! Haha! :) (Don't have to worry about breaking it during removal)

  2. It makes the serving platter easier to clean.

Then I spooned some Cool Whip on top. The nice thing about using Coolw hip is that I was able to correct the ring and add a little more in certain areas to make the ring more symmetrical. :)

Then I decorated it with some dollops of raspberry jam and dried cranberries! That made it look very Holiday-ish -- but depending on what you use, it can fit any time of year! The fruity flavors taste really nice with the creaminess of Cool Whip and the crispy lightness of the meringue.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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