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Melted Gelatin Salsa con Queso Scalloped Potatoes

This is one of the things you can do if you have extra cubes of salsa con queso gelatin around or you can make them and use them for this and another recipe (Giant Chicken Quesadilla Soup Dumpling, stay tuned!) I'm going to post about soon. You might think, why would I have cubes of salsa con queso gelatin around?

Well if you are trying to make an orange of meat :) , you might have extra salsa con queso+gelatin liquid mixture that you don't need for your mold. If that is the case, instead of throwing it out, then you can pour the excess from the pot into an ice cube tray and let it chill/set for and use them for this recipe or others.

You could just put some salsa con queso from the jar on scalloped potatoes and that tastes good. This does have a different texture than if you just the liquid salsa con queso and bake it. Making it it into a gelatin and then melting it in the oven makes it have more of a Velveeta texture. It's a little hard to explain; you can try it for yourself if you want. :)

I tried it because I had some extra sliced potatoes baking in the oven.

After cooking them for 30 min. or until they were pretty soft, then I added a couple cubes of salsa con queso gelatin into the baking pan and allowed it to melt again (probably 5-10 min.)

It's pretty good. The point is if you have extra salsa con queso gelatin, you don't have to throw it out. It's completely edible and tastes pretty good. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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