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Meatloaf Nachos / Tortilla Chip Day 2021, 2 of 2

Here's an idea for leftover meatloaf and for nachos to mix it up! It's also an idea for #TortillaChipDay!


What I used:

- Donkey Tortilla Chips (tasted like in a restaurant)

- Meatloaf (lefftover)

- Tillamook Cheddar (really tasty)

- Sour Cream

- Cilantro (for garnish)

You can add any other toppings you want!

I just put some chips down and covered them with cheese. I crumbled the meatloaf onto the chips. Then I microwaved it for about 60-75 seconds.

If you think you're meat may take longer than 60-75 seconds to warm up, then put it in a separate bowl and microwave it separately from the chips and cheese and microwave the chips and cheese separately and then add the ground meat on top.

If you microwave the cheese more than 60-75 seconds, then it will get burnt.

Add any other toppings you like. I added some sour cream and some garnish on top! :)

Give it a try@ We are good at this!

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