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Marshmallow Pretzel Wreath

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

This is another result of going super meta-! After experimenting baking marshmallows and pretzels, I decided to use a different shaped pretzel, the "pretzel loop" shape, to make a wreath!

I actually came up with this after finding a couple boxes of pretzels that were expired over 12 months! Haha. I thought I could use them for a project before throwing them out and then I came up with wreath.

In this art project/recipe, the marshmallows are baked from room temperature (not microwaved and baked as for the Marshmallow Christmas tree) and they are used for not only decorative purposes, but also as glue or for structural support.


This is another post I classified under both "Arts & Crafts" and "Cooking". It's mixed media art; just you can eat it too. :)

The first one above has optional holly leaves made of Life Savers & red M&Ms. I learned about melting and sculpting hard candy from trying to make a Galaxy Lollipop (still working on that! haha. :)


This one to the right has fresh rosemary for added decoration. It's a variation of the Marshmallow Christmas trees.

By the way, I tried microwaving the pretzels to make it faster, but it doesn't work. It falls apart and does not caramelize in the way that baking the pretzels does. You can see those microwave fails at the bottom of this post.



- Pretzels ("pretzel-loop" shape)

- Mini marshmallows

- Cooking spray

- Optional: hard candy and M&Ms for holly leaves (I used green Life Savers and 3 red M&Ms) or fresh rosemary for decorations. Jolly Ranchers work well for melting and shaping things too. You could also try other candies or sprinkles or other things. I didn't do this.

Equipment: Oven, Baking sheet, foil or parchment paper

1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2.) Put foil / parchment paper on the baking sheet and spray with cooking spray.

3.) Arrange first row of pretzels in a circle on the baking sheet.

-- This one has 10 pretzels in the first row.

-- Two rows of pretzels make up the wreath.

You put marshmallows in between the 2 layers as the glue and structural support.

For each pretzel in the 2nd row,

4.) in the bottom loop of the pretzel loop shape, press a marshmallow half way in.

5.) Put 3 marshmallows under it and stack over the first row in a staggered fashion compared to the first row.

-- The middle of the top pretzel covers the edges of 2 pretzels in the bottom row.


6.) Make an inner circle of marshmallows on the baking sheet -- in the creases of the first row of pretzels. (You can see what I mean in the top half of the 3rd picture in this section, 2nd row - left. Do that around the whole inner area of the wreath.)

7.) Add as many marshmallows as you can fit in other places on the wreath -- this will provide more glue and support.

8.) Bake at 350 degrees for ~10-12 minutes or until you notice the marshmallows on top look like toasted marshmallows and there is light brown caramelized melted marshmallows on the foil / parchment paper.

9.) Set aside and let it harden for >1 hour.

10.) Slide it off the baking sheet and display your art piece!

-- I haven't tried to hang it on a hook or on a door yet. It is kind of delicate since it is hard candy (melted marshmallows) and the weight of it may cause it to break when hanging.

Give it a try! It takes ~5 minutes and it is so pretty. We are good at this!

It's pretty cool. You notice that there is a different look and different chemical reaction that occurs when you bake the marshmallows from room temps vs. microwaving them until they are fluffy and then baking them as in the Marshmallow Christmas tree. When you microwave, then bake -- it all becomes caramelized / hard candy. When you bake from room temp, some of it looks like toasted marshmallows and some of it is caramelized / hard candy.

Here are some examples.

First one I made before making Holly Leaves:

Below these, I have the directions for optional Holly Leaves after the Rosemary wreath section.

Fresh Rosemary Wreath:

I just placed some fresh rosemary all around before baking as in the 2nd row of pictures in this section. It's a variation of the Marshmallow Christmas tree. How pretty does that look? :)

Fresh Rosemary Wreath - before baking:


Optional - Holly Leaves:


- green Life Savers

- 3 Red M&Ms

- 3 white chocolate wafers (to glue your holly leaves to the wreath)

- cooking spray

Equipment: Microwave, Oven, small piece of parchment paper, pencil, hammer (or something to crush Life Savers), Ziploc bag, baking sheet, bowl, spoon

1.) Preheat oven to 275 degrees.

2.) Spray parchment paper with cooking spray.

3.) On the parchment paper, use the pencil to sketch out a picture of holly leaves from the internet.

4.) Crush Life Savers with hammer in Ziploc bag. It's super fun and the only thing I use my hammer for! Haha. :)

5.) Arrange some crushed pieces of Life Savers on your holly leaves stencil.

6.) Bake for ~5-7 minutes -- or until they meld together and appear semi-solid/liquid-y.

7.) Take the baking sheet out of the oven and while it is still hot, carefully place 3 red M&Ms in the middle for the berries.

-- As the Life Savers harden, they will be the glue for the red M&Ms.

8.) Allow the holly leaves to cool for 5-10 minutes.

9.) In the meantime, take 3 white chocolate wafers and melt them in the microwave on the defrost/50% power setting for one 30-second interval, then 15-second intervals (if needed).

10.) Spoon chocolate on the wreath and try to fill gaps, so that when you place the holly leaves onto the wreath, the melted white chocolate will adhere to the back.

11.) Spoon some chocolate on the back of your Life Saver/M&M holly leaves for additional glue and place on the wreath.

12.) Allow it to set & harden for at least 10 min. before moving.

Give it a try! It's really easy. I just wrote it as detailed steps. We are good at this!

Microwave Fails:

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