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Mar.10 is Mario Day! (& Don't Forget About Luigi!)

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

How cute is that? Because Mar.10 looks like the word Mario! I got in my head that I wanted to make a pixelated Mario out of M&Ms -- pixelated so it would look like the old-school video games. Haha. :) I found this Pin from cuteasafox.com where she threw a whole Mario/Nintendo-themed birthday party. Lots of cute stuff there.



The Pin I found had a grid of the different colors to make a pixelated Mario. She made her pixelated Mario out of cupcakes with different colors of frosting. As I mentioned, I wanted to use M&Ms.

The colors on the grid are: red, blue, yellow, brown, black, and Mario's skin tone (peach / cream).

As you may realize, the colors of the original flavor M&Ms do not include one that is a good skin tone for Mario. They also don't include black M&Ms. I saw 1 picture where someone used white jelly beans and the rest of the Mario was M&Ms. I thought about using jelly beans, but I preferred to use M&Ms if possible.

Fortunately, you can get lots of different colors of M&Ms from nuts.com. I was looking for peach, but I guess it's not made any more, so I got cream. People use these custom color M&Ms for lots of things: weddings, birthdays, etc.

I decided to make a cookie cake from pre-made cookie dough as the canvas for my pixelated Mario. Check out that quick post for a trick on how to make a cookie cake from pre-made cookie dough -- you can make a bigger one than you think! :)


Practicing the Mario grid

I counted out all the M&Ms of the different colors needed. It was a little sad; there were only 30 red M&Ms in that big bag and I needed 37. Haha. :) So I had to buy a small pack of M&Ms to get the 7 more.

I think I could have bought custom black M&Ms in a bag like the cream colored M&Ms. There are Coffee M&Ms now and I think there are also black M&Ms in that. Since there were only 7 of them, I decided to color some M&Ms. First, I tried to use an edible marker, but it didn't cover them enough. Then I actually used a Sharpie, haha, but it still didn't look great. So I painted on black gel food coloring.

Before I put them on the cookie cake, I practiced.

Making Super Mario World 3 Background

I made a cookie cake and then I put some pre-made frosting on it, which I colored it to look like the background of Super Mario World 3. :)

Putting it All Together

I kind of eyeballed and luckily Mario came out centered on the cookie cake!

I wrote down the dimensions to make it easier for you to center Mario.

This cookie cake is 9.5” (24.13 cm) x 8” (20.32 cm)

I started 1 1/2” (3.81 cm) from the top.

The brown hair is 2” from back of the cookie or the 2 cream colored columns are in the middle of the cookie.

Here it is! It's pretty easy. It's like doing a puzzle, arts & crafting and cooking -- all in one.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Then, I decided I wanted to do Luigi. People always forget about Luigi. I think I had to be Luigi growing up because my brothers wanted to be Mario, haha. :)

I reversed the grid to make Luigi, so that when I put them together Mario & Luigi would be facing each other. Here is Luigi! :)

Here are Mario & Luigi together!

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