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Make Bigger Cookie Cakes from Pre-Made Cookie Dough

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Here is a quick post on how to make bigge cookie cakes from pre-made cookie dough that comes in a block, not a roll.

All you need is a package of pre-made cookie dough.

You might think you should just put it on a baking sheet and call it a day.

You can actually make bigger cookies cakes than you think.

Space the cookie rectangles -- 1 inch (2.56cm) apart.

You don't have to shape the cookies at all -- you can leave them as rectangles.

On the packaging, it says to space the cookies 2" (5.1cm) apart, so they don't touch. When you space them 1" apart, they expand during baking and start to touch each other -- which is good in this case. :) You get 1 big solid cookie!

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