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Make Any Cake a Lemon Cake / Lemon Cupcake Day

This is for Lemon Cupcake Day -- it's Lemon Cake in a Cup; close enough. Haha! :)

You can make any cake a lemon cake or lime cake -- by adding True Lemon or True Lime Powder, which is crystallized lemon or lime. The nice thing about using lemon powder packet when baking is that it does'nt change the consistency of your batter since it's a powder and not liquid.

Lemon Cupcake Day is Dec. 15!


What I used:

- Duncan Hines Confetti Cake Mix (comes with a frosting packet)

- 2 True Lemon packets for 1 pouch of mug cake mix

- Gold sprinkles to add some glam! :)

I just added the cake mix to the glass + 3 tablespoons of milk (you can use water) and 2 packets of True Lemon for lemon-y flavor! You could use 1 packet or 3 packets or more if you like. I thought 2 had good lemon flaver.

1 min. 15 sec. later -- Ta da!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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