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Magnifying Glass Cookies (Easy Shakashaka-like cookies / Cookies with Hard Candy Windows)

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I made these Magnifying Glass Cookies for Sherlock Holmes Day! They are cookies with hard candy windows! I used pre-made cookie dough and and a different way to add the hard candy "window" compared to before.

They are basically like half of the Aquarium Cookies / Shakashaka-like cookies I have made before.


Photos: Full Shakashaka Cookie with candy in the middle -- shakes like a rattle! And then half with a hard candy window -- like a magnifying glass.


What I used:

- Pillsbury sugar cookie dough (2 pieces of cookie dough was enough to form 3 magnifying glasses, plus a little extra, which I ate. Haha. :) )

- 2 circle cookie cutters -- to form a ring of the magnifying glass

** If you do not have circle cookie cutters, you could make stencils with parchment paper by tracing different size round objects in your place.

- Green Jolly Ranchers

- Optional: Dark chocolate wafers for the handle (Tip: you can also use it to help hide cracks in your cookies; see below)

- Silicone mold (could use parchment paper / foil with cooking spray)

- Cooking spray (to spray silicone mold / tray)

Note: I have Lifesavers in the photo, but you have to use either Jolly Ranchers or Life Savers for your glass (or do 2 different batches). They have different melting points: Jolly Ranchers - 275 degrees; LifeSavers - 300 degrees.


You can make the cookie magnifying glass and the hard candy window glass in either order (cookie and then hard candy window glass or vice versa).

** If you make the window glass second, then let the oven cool down completely -- because it only needs to be 275 degrees (not 350 degrees).


Making the Cookie Magnifying Glasses

1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2.) Take out 1 or more pieces of cookie dough and press them down until they are about 1/4" thick or so.

3.) Then place the 2 circle cookie cutters in the middle to form the glass. Save the excess (from the outside & inside) -- you will use it to make the handle.

4.) Use some of the excess cookie dough to mold a handle to your magnifying glass. You can further shape it after it bakes as noted in the post.

-- As noted above, you can make 3 little magnifying glasses from 2 pieces of cookie dough.

5.) Bake for about 10-12 min. at 350 degrees.

6.) If desired, further shape the cookie right after it comes out of the oven -- as noted in the post.


Making the Hard Candy Window Glass

One challenge when making shakshaka cookies, is that you might not put enough candy in the middle, so the glass won't cover your hole. If you put too much candy to compensate for this, then it might not melt enough. One way to avoid these problems is to make the hard candy glass separately from the cookie and then paste it on to the cookie.

** If you make the window glass second, then let the oven cool down completely.

1.) Preheat the oven to 275 degrees for Jolly Ranchers.

2.) Spray your silicone mold or baking sheet covered with parchment paper / foil with cooking spray.

-- I used this silicone mold because it would allow the hard candy to melt and be bigger than the space in the magnifying glass.

3.) Crush your candy with a hammer (or something hard) in a Ziploc bag.

-- Note: The silicone mold absorbed A LOT of force and the candy would not crack when I tried to hammer it in the mold. Haha! So I had to go back to using the Ziplock bag.

4.) Sprinkle in about 1 Jolly Rancher (1/2 of what I crushed in this example) into each compartment. About 1 Jolly Rancher fit in each compartment of this mold and was more than enough to cover the hole of the magnifying glass.

5.) Melt in the 275 degree oven for ~6-8 min.

6.) Take out and let harden & cool at room temp.

You can see the Life Savers didn't fully melt because I had the oven at 275 degrees for the Jolly Ranchers (not 300 degrees).

Putting Your Magnifying Glass Together

1.) Break the Jolly Rancher into a smaller piece -- but that is big enough to cover the hole.

2.) Melt chocolate in a Ziploc bag on defrost / 50% power setting in the microwave at 30-second / 15-second intervals or on a double boiler.

3.) Put some chocolate on the hard candy and then paste it to the back of the cookie.

4.) Put some melted chocolate handle and spread it around.

5.) Let it set and harden in the fridge for at least 15 min.

Tip: Using Melted Dark Chocolate as Glue

If you handle has cracked, which happened twice on one cookie, no problem! Use some melted dark chocolate as glue and piece it together, it will set & harden in the fridge.

Tip: Using Melted Dark Chocolate as Glue (photos)

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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