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"Look Up in the Sky" Day Donuts

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

This was inspired by a challenge I saw on the Spring Baking Championship on the Food Network where they made donuts that represented the sky.

I decided to try to do the same thing and also show the sky during different times of day: daytime, sunset and nighttime. :)



On April 14, Look Up At The Sky Day encourages us to admire the beauty above us. On this day we all hope for good weather and an opportunity to fill our eyes with the sky from horizon to horizon.


National Day Calendar believes Look Up At The Sky Day was created in honor of Jack Borden, founder of For Spacious Skies. However, we need more information, and we look to our followers to obtain it.

For generations, Jack Borden inspired children and adults to look up and admire the beauty above us. He continues to do so. In 1987, For Spacious Skies Day was proclaimed in Massachusetts on May 18th thanks to Jack Borden’s efforts. The story reported by Charles Kuralt below gives a detailed view of the impact Mr. Borden has had over the years.

If you have any information regarding the founding of the day, please use the contact form for National Day Calendar to tell us your story. We would love to know more.



Of course, on the Spring Baking Championship, they made their own donuts. I used pre-made donuts. For the glaze, I made a thicker version of the non-Royal Icing icing I had made before. I added more powdered sugar (vs. wet ingredients - corn syrup and milk) than the regular recipe ratio.


I thought the easiest way to distinguish the sky on a donut -- :) -- was to have the sky compared to water.

I made a marbled look by coloring the glaze with food coloring and swirling it a little bit on a piece of saran wrap.

Essentially I made my "painting" with the sky and in glaze on the saran wrap and then I smushed the donut on to it -- to put the glaze and design on the donut.

I used a candy melt for the sun (yellow for daytime & orange for sunset)




The nighttime sky was from a different perspective; just looking up above at the sky. I added some edible gold lustre dust and silver star sprinkles.

Here are some more pics. It was easy & fun! Don't forget to look up at the sky!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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