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Lion Fried Dumpling (Buffalo Chicken Cheesy)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This was inspired by a fried lion dumpling I saw on the food artist, @etn.co_mam's account on IG. I used Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Egg Roll recipe from my cookbook for the filling and formed it into a lion. :)

I just saw a picture and came up with the steps you can try for yourself at home. I'm not sure, but it is unlikely that theirs was a buffalo chicken cheesy filling. You can fill it with whatever you want. This post just shows you one way to make a lion dumpling. :)


Check it out my cookbook!

** Search "27 from 27 cookbook" on Amazon or links below.

27 from 27, Vol. A1: 27 Easy Fun Recipes from 27 Common Cheap Ingredients




What I used:

- Egg roll wrappers

- Valley fresh chicken

- Buffalo sauce

- Mozzarella (string cheese)

- Edible marker

- Candy eyes

- a little water to seal the dumpling (not shown)

I used a circle cookie cutter to make 2 pieces 1 for the bottom and 1 for the top.

I made the buffalo chicken filling and then I added a little piece of string cheese.

Tip: Add less filling than you thin when making dumplings / stuffed foods

One thing when you are making dumplings or egg rolls or any stuffed food really -- you don't want to put too much filling in there. Generally, you want to put less filling in the middle than you think.

I added some water and then put the 2nd piece on top and sealed the dumpling. I added a little extra step (right photo) of crimping the edge of the dumpling, so it would look more like a lion's mane. :)

I fried it in some oil.

Make sure your dupmlings are sealed well, so they don't leak when you cook them. This one didn't leak. :)

For the face, I used candy eyes, edible marker and a little piece of mozzarella. I also cut a little piece of mozzarella and used an edible marker to make the nose.

Ta da! Lion Fried Dumpling!

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