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#letsgo - Sopa De Leche (Peruvian Milk Soup with Squash and Potatoes) / Homemade Soup Day

I actually usually don't make homemade soup, except for chicken noodle. I usually buy "homemade soup" and warm it up on the stove. Don't hate. :) But this soup on the Food Network app looked interesting -- Sopa de Leche (Peruvian Milk Soup w/ Squash and Potatoes). If it sounds really exotic, it's basically a corn and potato chowder soup -- also with pasta and an egg.


Feb. 4 is Homemade Soup Day!


What I used:

- Evaporated milk

(I just started using evaporated milk and keeping it in the pantry in case I don't have cold milk around.)

- Butternut Squash (these were pre-cut as noodles; I couldn't find the cubes) I usually buy pre-cut vegetables to save time. :)

- Potatoes

- Garlic (I had 1 clove and some mined garlic)

- Minced onions (forgot the onions, oops)

- Cilantro

- Butter

- Mozzarella

- Protein Barilla Penne

- Eggs

I actually made the soup at night for the next day because I felt like cooking it then -- however I planned to add the pasta and egg the next day. I actually think that it probably made it taste better because the flavors melded together overnight. :)


I got the garlic and onions going in the pot with butter. Then I added the milk, water and some squash. I added the corn and cilantro. To add the potatoes, I microwaved them for 6 min. and then I rough chopped them. That helped them get cooked faster.

The next day...

(I didn't add the pasta because I didn't want it to get mushy.)

I cooked some penne and added it in. Then I added an egg and microwaved it for 2-3 minutes. It seemed faster than waiting for the egg to cook in the soup. In the instructions, they put the egg into the soup.

The way I plated it I made the egg more prominent -- for the photo; haha! Anyways, it's really yummy! It's a nice hearty soup for #HomemadeSoupDay or any day! You can take a trip to Peru and try this soup. :) Like I said above, if it sounds really exotic, it's basically a corn and potato chowder soup -- also with pasta and an egg..

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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