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Leopard Cakesicles!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I saw these on Pinterest from Instagram from Belly's Bake Shop and they were so cute I had to try it. My BFFs & I have never met an animal print we didn't like -- well one of my BFFs may prefer camouflage. :)




What I used:

- Black food coloring

- Gold lustre dust

- Mint extract (just to use the liquid extract part of it with gold lustre dust to make paint; could use vanilla or an alcohol like vodka)

- Thicker (more powdered sugar in the ratio) version of Easy Sugar Cookie Icing colored black

(Note: This one was made w/ almond milk (didn't have cow milk). I did experiment with it with water + powdered sugar + corn syrup and that didn't work too well. It separated out.)


Supplies: 2 paintbrushes I use for edible art (Note: I paint with acrylic paints and with icing. I have separate sets of paintbrushes for edible art projects and for my actual paint.)


Here's a YouTube video I made with some technique tips to make a Leopard Print:


With your main color (black in this example): You want to make round or arch shapes using dots (almost pointillism techniques) or by wiggling your brush a little bit. You don't want a straight brushstroke.

Then with your secondary color (gold in this example): Fill in the middle and add some random spots.

The more irregular the spots and placement are -- the better it looks! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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