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Leftover Cranberry Sauce Mini-Pies (Ice Cube Tray Mini-Pies)

Here's another idea for leftover cranberry sauce! With a little refrigerated pie crust and an ice cube tray, you can make cute little mini-pies. :) It's really easy. Give it a try! We are good at this!


- Cranberry sauce

- Pillsbury pie crust or other pie dough

- Cooking spray


- Ice cube tray

- Baking sheet

- Knife

I made cranberry sauce recipe from ICAG (Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli), yum!



1.) Take out one piece of the pie crust and defrost it for 10-20 sec. so that you can work with it.

2.) Spray the ice cube tray with cooking spray.

3.) Follow the tip for laying the dough in the ice cube tray described below.

-- Note: When you lay the dough, you are only using the back half of 1 piece, so you can fold over the front half (half closest to you) to cover the compartments after you put some cranberry sauce in.

Tip for laying dough in the ice cube tray:

If you hold up the dough with one hand like I'm doing in the photo, then with your other hand, you can gently press in the dough into the compartment starting from the other far edge of the dough. Doing it this way allows you to add a little more dough to each compartment, so you don't poke as many holes.

So here, I'm holding the dough with my left hand and then with my right hand, I can press the right edge of the dough into a compartment and add a little extra to follow the contours of the ice cube tray.

4.) Spoon a little cranberry sauce into each compartment.

5.) As noted above, fold over the front half of the dough (half closest to you) to cover the compartments.

6.) Chill in fridge for 5 min. or longer.

-- This helps the pies stay together.

7.) Flip the ice cube tray onto the baking sheet.

8.) Use a knife to cut apart the mini-pies.

9.) Bake at 425 degrees for ~15 minutes. They are little pies.

10.) Eat! (See photos below)

Give it a try! It's easy. We are good at this!

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