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Leaning Tower of 'Dilla (Quesadilla :) )

Here is the Leaning Tower of 'Dilla ! Haha! :) @redneckdillasandrittos made a Leaning tower of 'Dilla on IG and it inspired me to make my own Leaning Tower of 'Dilla.

What I used:

- Mission Super Soft Flour Tortillas

- Sargento Shredded Cheese

- Circle cookie cutter

It turned out I had enough cheese and didn't need the Mozzarella.

I used Pork al pastor in some of the first models, but it was challenging to construct the tower with pork. The pieces were different sizes and not flat as you may imagine and can see. The tower would lean a lot and fall over! Haha! :) So I just ate it separately.

These are small tortillas, soft and kind of on the thick side. I used a cookie cutter to cut out 3 or 4 small tortillas from one -- little pieces to construct the tower. Here is the stack of just tortillas and a piece of pork hiding too. Haha. :)

Then I just baked them with a little cheese on them.

I left one without cheese for the top.

Then I tried stacking with pork. I got a short stack. Haha! :)

Here is one with just a tiny bit of pork. Later, I took it out.

I accidentally made my tower tilt left. I guess in most photos it's tilting to the right. I flipped when I made the composite photo. Haha! :)

Here is the Leaning Tower of 'Dilla !

Real thing :) : @jainam09 / Unsplash

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