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Kofte Burger with Harissa and Yogurt Sauce

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This meal was inspired by an Alex McCoy recipe from the Food Network. I liked the Middle Eastern fusion ideas with the burger, but I made some adjustments with what I had. I also wanted to try out my new grill pan. :) I don't know what the impetus for getting it, but as I mentioned I'm not a grillmaster yet on an actual grill, but I do love grilled foods. I wanted to try to do grill marks too! I watch a lot of these cooking competition shows like GGG and Chopped, so maybe that was it. :)



Kofta is a family of meatball or meatloaf dishes found in the Indian subcontinent, South Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Central Asian cuisines. In the simplest form, koftas consist of balls of ground meat - usually beef, chicken, lamb or mutton, pork, or a mixture - mixed with spices or onions. In Muslim areas, pork is not used, and in India, beef is not used. In Greece and Cyprus, vegetarian versions are known as hortokeftedes (Greek: χορτοκεφτέδες), and often eaten during fasting periods such as Lent. An uncooked version is also made in Turkey, called çiğ köfte. In India, vegetarian varieties may use potato, calabash, paneer, or banana. In Europe, kofta is often served in a fast-food sandwich in kebab shops.

Here's a post I wrote on Kofte:


What I used:

- Omaha Steaks burger

(I put it in the fridge overnight before to defrost it)

- Sahadi Kabob seasoning

- Harissa

- Brioche bun

- Greek Yogurt

- Garlic powder

- Coriander

- True Lemon powder packet (like Lemon juice - not shown)

I got this Lodge grill pan, which is a cast iron pan with some ridges.

I turned the stove on high and let it preheat for at least 5-7 minutes, so it was smoking hot. I could see smoke. I sprayed it with cooking spray.

I toasted the bun on the grill pan for about 20-30 sec. (not shown). I did this first before the burger because it was dry. If I did it after, it would be soggy.

The burger patty was very slightly cold to touch / almost room temp because it had defrosted more at room temperature while I was waiting for the pan to heat up, so I didn't defrost it anymore in the microwave.

I covered one side with some kabob seasoning.

I put the patty on the grill pan (seasoned side down) and I was wondering if I could get some good grillmarks! Fingers crossed! Right photo: I put more kabob seasoning on the top side (2nd side), covered it with a pan lid and left it there for about 2-3 minutes without moving it.

Then I flipped it! Look at those grill marks! I couldn't believe how good they looked. In my excitement, I must have moved my phone. There are more pics below. Haha! :)

While the burger was cooking, I mixed together some yogurt with garlic powder, True Lemon (like lemon juice) and coriander.

Just another pic to show the grillmarks before I put everything together. :)

Then I put everything together! I squeezed some Harissa on the bun and added the yogurt on top of the burger. It was so good! The creaminess of the yogurt goes great with the heat of the Harissa and spice from the Kofte-inspired burger. Having the yogurt on the burger is like cheese or mayo; you get the creaminess.

It took me 10-15 min. to make this Middle Eastern inspired meal and I was SO happy with my grill marks. :) I think the key was waiting until the pan was smoking hot and leaving it alone without moving it.

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Give it a try! We are good at this!



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