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Keto/Low-Carb Philly Chicken Melt

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

This is a quick & easy recipe I came up with after being inspired by Cheesesteak Day. This is inspired by a Philly Chicken Cheesesteak, which I know is not an "authentic" cheesesteak, which I also like. Using chicken here is easer compared to slicing ribeye. :)



"National Cheesesteak Day on March 24th not only celebrates a fantastic sandwich but it recognizes one of this nation’s greater debates; Who created this deliciousness?

It’s like March Madness for cheesesteak. Pat’s and Geno’s square off at 10 AM followed by Chubby’s and Dalessandro’s at 11 AM. Then Jim’s and Tony Luke’s at Noon. (haha!) Basketball fans know how brackets go. Someone is gonna get a bye.

However, the credit is given to a hot dog vendor from the 1930s, Pat Olivieri. According to Philadelphia’s tourism site, Pat’s King of Steaks sits on its original location and is still going strong. This writer has had a cheesesteak from there and would in a heartbeat go back.

The important thing is this fabulous, juicy sandwich on a hoagie roll. If you’ve never had one, you can really only get an authentic one in Philly. Other places try, so go where you can, but someday, Philadephia is the real deal.

The roll is filled with chipped steak, and you can order it with or without cheese and onions."



What I Used:

- Chicken (small pieces from the salad bar; you can use any pre-cooked chicken you have)

- Bell Pepper (from the salad bar)

- Onions (I had some precooked; you could also use some from the salad bar)

- Mozzarella string cheese (or provolone or other melt-y cheese)

- Vegetable oil (a little bit)

1.) Saute the chicken, bell pepper, and onion in a pan on medium/medium-high with a little bit of oil. Cover with a pan lid and cook for ~5-7 min. or until there is some nice browning on everything.

-- You could microwave, but sauteing it better approximates the flattop that cheesesteaks are made on.

2.) Take them out and put them on your plate that you'll eat it on.

3.) Add your cheese on top.

4.) Microwave for 45 seconds -- or long enough to melt the cheese, but not to burn it. :) Microwave times may vary.

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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