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Keto/Low-Carb 2-Ingredient Broccoli Slaw Fritters

I wrote about these today because the way I plated them kind of looked like a volcano. Haha. :)

What I used:

- Pre-made broccoli slaw in a bag (looks like julienne or strips of broccoli and some carrots)

- Shredded cheddar

- Muffin Pan

In a muffin pan, I put some cheese down, then broccoli slaw, then more cheese on top.

Then I baked them at 350 degrees for 10-12 min. or so until the cheese was melty and crispy.

Right out of the oven! The cheese melts and then it's a binder for the slaw to make a fritter too! A little crunch from the slaw and cheesiness!

They taste good alone or I ate them with a little sour cream too.

That's it! Give it a try!

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