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Intergalactic Sculptural Hat Cake

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

This cake was inspired by a sculptural hat I made for a Lady Gaga concert in 2010. Time flies!

This is going Super Meta- on myself! Haha! :) I have gone super meta- on different viral YouTube videos. See some of the links below.

Tasty's Orange of Meat, Tasty's Cheesy Bread Cube, Positive Couple's "Crystal River"






Intergalactic Sculptural Hat

Here is a photo of the hat before I spray painted it silver. It was badass! I couldn't find a finished photo. It's on the interwebs, my iCloud or on my old phone or old laptop somewhere around. Haha. :)

How I Made the Hat:

I took a sun hat and hot glue gunned a bunch of different things to it.

- Styrofoam pieces from the craft store (which I carved into sort of rhomboids)

- styrofoam balls on sticks (which resemble planets

- one of those creepy doves at the craft store (haha!)

- Butterfly decoration

- Some faux flowers

Then I spray painted it all silver.

The elements I wanted to replicate for the cake:

- Creepy dove (body: marshmallow fondant & feather tail: white chocolate + silver lustre dust)

- Butterfly (white chocolate + silver lustre dust)

- Planets (spheres on sticks: cake pops)

- Rhomboids (white chocolate + silver lustre dust)

This was fun because I got to use a lot of techniques I have been learning about -- all in one cake/project! :)


Making the cake

I made a small 3-tier cake with a cupcake on top, 6" cake on bottom, & 4" cake in the middle. I colored the cake batter grey by adding some black food coloring.


I made buttercream -- successfully -- unlike the Rhino cupcake! Check out those posts for more details. I added a little black food coloring to make it grey.

I have been using this Lazy Susan I have as a cake stand for decorating because it spins. :)

I put on a "crumb coat" and put it in the fridge for awhile. I put some more buttercream on it after I put it in the fridge for awhile to smooth out.

Making the Creepy Dove Feather Tail and Butterflies

I used the same technique for the creepy dove feather tail and butterflies. I melted white chocolate and drew them on parchment paper covered with cooking spray. I put them in the fridge to set.

For the butterfly, I did the same technique as in my Butterfly Dome Sculptural Cake. Check it out. I drew it over the middle of an open book, so the butterfly becomes 3-D!


They are probably hardened & set after 15-30 min., but you can leave them in there until you are ready for them (even 1 day or more beforehand). This is from when I took them out of the fridge.

I painted them with silver lustre dust only (no liquid mix-in).

Making the creepy dove body

I made some marshmallow fondant as I have done before and shaped it into a little bird.


Making the planets: cake pops

I made small cake pops for the planets / spheres on sticks. Check out my cake pop posts to learn more about cake pops. I recycled this styrofoam packaging to use as cake pop stand while they were drying after I dipped them in white chocolate.




I also painted them with silver lustre dust alone (no liquid mix-in.)

Rhomboid Shards

I used the same technique I described in the Rhino Cupcake post. Check it out.

I used white chocolate and made a large thin rectangle, then I cut it into shards and painted it silver with silver lustre dust.

Putting it all together

I added all the element to build my Intergalactic Sculptural hat cake!

Cake vs. Hat

Pretty good interpretation -- if I do say so myself! Haha! :)

As I mentioned above, this was really fun because I got to use a lot of techniques I have been learning about -- all in one cake/project! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

A few photos of the finished product!

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