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Instantly Create Counter-Space & Recycle at the Same Time!

I have plenty of counter-space in my place, but I'm kind of messy, so there's stuff laying around. Also, I'm short, so I keep a lot of things on the counter for easy access. :) I'm especially messy when I cook, so it seems like there's not enough counter-space.

I came up with a quick hack that you can try to:

- instantly create counter-space and recycle at the same time!

I used a cardboard box I had and broke it down (flattened it out). Then, I put it on top of the stove to make a workspace.


As you can see, it worked really well when I was rolling out dough and making empanadas. (Stay tuned!)

You can re-use the box multiple times because you are putting a clean mat or plate, etc. on top of it.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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