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"Inspire Your Heart With Art" Day (Jan. 31!)

This is a quick post about "Inspire Your Heart with Art Day". Sometimes we think of art of as something that is distant and inaccessible -- something that is only in museums or only for "true" artists. But you can find art anywhere and art can be a part of your life even without going to a museum or a gallery. :)


What is "Inspire Your Heart With Art" Day?

No one knows. :) "Our research has yet to find the creator, or the origin of this day." In a way 'No one knows.', is what art is about. What is art? Art is what you want it to be. :) Something you like; another person might hate -- that doesn't mean it's not art.


You can find art in your everyday life and even in unexpected places. For example, just by looking around and being observant when you're outside, you can find art in nature.

And you can create art for yourself or for others just for the fun of it and to use your creativity -- even just by cooking your food in a fun shape. One way I like to create art is to use different foods as mixed media.

Sometimes when I'm just doing a recipe/project, the by-product -- like the way the mirror glaze spills look or the icing looks -- looks like art to me like. I take a photo of it because you never know what might inspire you in the future. And I have even made a textile out of the artistic by-product I saw in the mirror glaze spills -- check out that post. I'm still working on learning how to do mirror glazes and learning how to sew. :) Stay tuned for those posts!


If you embrace art, it will inspire your heart! :)

Art in Unexpected Places

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