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How to Make Cakesicles! (mini-Popsicle Cake Pops)

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Cakesicles are cake pops, but in a mini-popsicle form! So essentially they are chocolate-covered cupcakes in a popsicle form! So cute! I was introduced to Cakesicles in this Cookielicious NZ YouTube video for Cute Bunnies for Easter! So cute! I had made cake pops before (check out these links), but not cakesicles.




For this batch, I used some cupcakes I made with corn syrup in place of eggs! The cake tasted and pretty much looked the same as when it is made with eggs, but I was experimenting to see if it would be the same when making cake pops/cakesicles. It was!



To make a cakesicles -- you need a popsicle-shaped silicone mold and popsicle sticks. (which can be found easily online or in baking stores.)

Otherwise, you just need normal ingredients for cake and frosting, chocolate melting wafers/candy melts and then whatever else you would like to decorate them. I usually use cake mix and jarred Betty Crocker frosting. You can make your own cake and buttercream too! When I'm making cakesicles and cake pops, for me, it's more about the fun of decorating and I don't think there's too much benefit in taste with homemade and frosting for cake pops -- since it's all smushed together anyways.

One example is in the Leopard Cakesicle post. Check it out!




1.) Crumble cupcakes or cake and mix it together with frosting.

-- This is 4 cupcakes without the tops with ~1 tablespoon of jarred vanilla frosting.

** Tip: You don't want crusts of crispy edges when making cake pops or cakesicles. Anyways, I like to eat the cupcake tops separately, haha!)

2.) Put your mix in the fridge to chill for at least 15 min.

3.) Coat your popsicle shaped silicone mold with cooking spray or a little oil.

-- I find this helps the chocolate from sticking to the mold and helps you remove them after they set.

4.) Melt your chocolate / candy melts in the microwave on defrost or 50% settings at 30-second of 15-second intervals.

5.) Then paint the mold with the chocolate: make sure to really coat the bottom (which will be the front of your cakesicle) and to get the sides.

6.) Use a popsicle stick and stick it through the hole in the popsicle stick mold a couple times -- so it doesn't get covered with hardened chocolate.

7.) Then put your mold (with chocolate) in the fridge to set for at least 15-30 minutes.

** You can take out the popsicle stick.

Before and after the chocolate set

You can see they look a lot better after the chocolate hardens. :)

8.) Take your cake mix/frosting mixture out of the fridge and take some pack it into each compartment of the mold.

9.) Then melt some more more chocolate for the 2nd layer of chocolate. Make it as flat as you can (haha!, you can tell that these are not too flat), but this will be the back of your cakesicle.

-- Note: You could do a different color for the back -- if you would like or if you have more of that color. Like I have more white chocolate wafers, so for some of the colored ones I made. When it's sitting on a plate, you can't tell.

10.) Put it in the fridge to set again for 15-30 min.

Then, they are DONE and you can eat them or you can decorate them as you would like. I actually find they are easier to make than cake pops -- because the popsicle mold makes it look so clean. You can also trim / break off some of the excess chocolate from the back on the edges and do a better job than me. Haha! :)

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

DONE! or Ready to Decorate!

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