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How I Started My Blog: You Can Do It Too!

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

I'm new to the blogging game and just decided to do it a few days ago.

It was really easy. It took me like 5 minutes with Google and Wix: to go from buying a Google domain to starting to design the homepage and work on the first post on Wix. Anyone can do it. We are good at this!

The name of the website is a little long, but I like it and it's uplifting and catchy. Also, once someone types in the web address, their computer or device will remember it and people don't have to retype it.

On Wix, I chose the UNLIMITED plan for entrepreneurs & freelancers, primarily because it had 10GB storage vs. 2 GB storage for the lowest tier. There are a lot of other features to differentiate between the different plans, but I just wanted to get started making my website

It was really easy to connect the Google domain to Wix. When I logged into Wix, I chose "blog" and a template and within a few clicks, I was already designing the homepage.

Wix is really easy to use compared to other websites I've tried. It's a lot like using PowerPoint. You can add text and upload or drag & drop photos/graphics and move them around.

I used Pexels to find royalty-free images that I put on the homepage.

Naturally Curious is actually the tagline from the Wix template I chose. I left it because it seemed to fit. :)

To create a blog post, I just press "Create Post", add a heading and start typing and adding photos.

One trick is that the first photo (not video link) you put is the thumbnail that will be shown.

I haven't taken advantage of many of the features on Wix, but so far I'm really happy with it.

Adding photos:

I take the photos on my iPhone, email them to the Gmail I set up for this, save them on my computer and then upload them to Wix. There may be a quicker way to do this, but I'm pretty fast it, so I'll just keep doing it this way.

Separate e-mail:

I also set up a separate e-mail account for the website: wearegoodatthis1@gmail.com.

I didn't set up an e-mail through the domain yet.

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