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How I Do It / Set-Up: You Can Do It Too!

Part of the reason I started the blog was because I started watching all these sped-up cooking videos on YouTube. It's relaxing for me to watch them. You feel a sense of accomplishment when someone makes a meal or complicated dessert in 2 minutes. I thought it would be fun to try some of the videos / recipes and write about it.

To make my blog posts, I just choose something to try from one of the YouTube videos I've watched (usually) or something on TV or the internet.

I'm doing this with basic cooking and baking equipment in my apartment. I actually am generally lacking in basic cooking and baking equipment. :) While I'm cooking, I have my iPad set up on this little stand. Having my iPad right there while I'm cooking is helpful because I can re-watch the YouTube video or check the internet to make sure I'm doing it right. Also, using my iPad is better than only using my phone while I'm cooking because the images are bigger. This little stand I got is also very helpful and can fold up very small.

I take pictures on my iPhone along the way and also take photos of the finished products. Sometimes I add a short video: like to show the cracking of the sugar on the top of the

3-ingredient crème brûlée. :) Who knows? Maybe I will start a YouTube channel.

Then, I just start writing on Wix and add the photos / video as I described in my previous post.

It's easy! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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