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Happy Jan. 9! Word Nerd Day!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Word Nerd Day is another unofficial wacky & weird holiday! I made this Edible Art Piece, which I call "Nerd-tastic Gravity-Defying Intergalactic Piece" (inspired by Shereka's World YouTube channel) & I attempted to make Chocolate Scrabble letters from "How to Cook That" YouTube Channel. Haha. :)

Check out the individual posts for more info. :)



What is Word Nerd Day?

"While the origins of this holiday are unknown, we assume that those who created it wanted word and language nerds to celebrate their expansive vocabulary, and for people to pick up their dictionaries and thesauruses to learn more about the origin, meaning, and usages of words in their language. "


"Nerd-tastic Gravity-Defying Intergalactic Piece"

This was inspired by Shereka's World YouTube video: M&M Anti-Gravity Apple (see video below.) I put my own twist on it by using Nerds and using cheesecake gelatin colored black, which looks like the surface of a planet. :) The Nerds look like they are spilling out and the Nerds box looks like it's defying gravity. :)

Chocolate Scrabble letters

Let's just say this was a first attempt. :) They look dirty, but it's all just chocolate. Haha. :)

The "How to Cook That" video is really good. Hers turned out perfectly. Haha. :) I followed it mostly. I bought the wrong kind of Scrabble letters and had to do a little DIY. I figured out how to make the letters work, but I'm still learning about how to work with chocolate. Read more on the individual post. :)

Even though the end result of this attempt was not what I had hoped, it was really good to learn how to use re-usable molds, which I didn't know existed before. They are super fun to use and it will come in handy in my art. :)

Btw, Scrabble Day is April 13! I have plenty of time to learn how to do it before then. :)

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