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Happy Jan. 7! Old Rock Day

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Here is an edible fossilized fish and "Moon Rock" Cake to celebrate "Old Rock Day". :) Check out the individual posts!



What is Old Rock Day?

"Old Rock Day, despite some misconception, is not a day of celebrating classic Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes of days gone by but is, in fact, the day that Geologists and amateur rock enthusiasts take it upon themselves to show their appreciation of all things fossilised and stony.

The exact origins of this day are unclear and unconfirmed but there has been a suggestion that this day was first created by the cartoon family known as The Flintstones. Nobody from The Flintstones however was available for comment." Haha. :)


Fossilized Fish

The fossilized fish is made of hard candy and marshmallow fondant fish bones. I came up with this idea after burning the corn syrup/sugar/water mixture when I was trying to make a candy glass "gingerbread house." Haha. :) When things don't go as expected, you can come up with new ideas. :)


"Moon Rock" Cake

This is from the Scran Line. See video below. The "Moon Rocks" are cake pop mixture sculpted into rocks. :)

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